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Important Notice Regarding Ongoing Support of Your CASH Software

Circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are constantly evolving. We continue to closely monitor its impact and take precautionary measures aligned with the latest information and global guidance.

One of those measures is to ensure we mitigate any disruptions to the services we provide.

As part of our continuing efforts to assist in stopping the spread of the Corona virus, Mentor have taken the difficult decision to close the office and currently have all of our employees working from home.  

Due to this we are unable to take calls for support via telephone.

You can, of course, still request support, either by logging the request direct from the help menu in CASH* or by emailing your request to [email protected].

*Please ensure you enable this feature as soon as possible in order that we can continue to support you should this circumstance arise. The attached guide supports the setup of your CASH system to achieve this.

View the guide

To obtain your CASH Site ID (required for logging remote calls) or if you need any assistance with setting up your CASH software to log remote support calls, please email [email protected]

With thanks for your continued support.



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Continued success and growth puts Mentor in a strong position as a leading provider of service management software, with currently 24 employees incorporating a wealth of experience. Continued innovative development including OnCall for Windows 8.1 devices, OnCall Forms (end user custom form creation), InSync (diary synchronisation between CASH & Outlook), InSight (management dashboard display for KPI’s).

Mentor’s success has been primarily due to a commitment to concentrate on a specific market/product, in preference to developing bespoke systems. Design has always focused on customer driven requirements, incorporating user group and web forum input, combined with interfacing to core commercial systems such as Microsoft Office, Windows, Android, Sage, etc.

The successful management of field services organisations provides a range of challenges - not least the ability to respond quickly to demanding customer requirements and to deliver value both to the customer and stakeholders. The drive to increase profits and the focus on business improvement and growth needs an up to the minute, complete and accurate picture of the operation. Only then is it possible to achieve the very highest levels of operational and management control over your service operation.

our android/windows phone field engineer solution

CASH has excellent connectivity for the mobile workforce. OnCall sends call information to field engineers, enabling them to record time spent, parts used and a customer signature on their PDAs. Our integrated vehicle tracking shows engineers” locations in relation to sites requiring service. Travelling Sales enables transmission to and synchronisation of sales enquiries on sales staffs” laptops or tablet PCs in the field.


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Mentor has been built upon our reputation for support and service as much as it has for the quality and functionality of the software itself. By offering the best service available, we can help our customers gain the best return on their investment.

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